What is Coaching?

Coaching has seen a steady growth in the self-help industry, and is now gaining ground in the workplace, with Chief Executives, CEO's  and even Presidents crediting their success, in part, to coaching ( Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, former CEO of google, Eric Schmidt, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and Cristiano Ronaldo to name a few).  Coaching helps to improve performance and skills and can be used both with individuals and teams to help them enhance current skills or develop new ones. 

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Mindfulness In The Workplace

 Mental health and stress are now the leading issues for sick leave in the UK. Over 70 million days a year are lost to sick leave (accounting for over half of the total 130 million sick days taken each year).

Research and studies have shown that mindfulness can improve attention, resilience and focus, and regulate behaviour. Attention, resilience and focus are fundamental skills in the work place but all too often it is reported that distractions at work reduce the impact of these skills having a knock on affect on productivity, motivation and morale.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming has been around since the 1970's and was developed by John Rinder and Richard Bandler. It is a proven technique which uses language to reprogramme the way brain responds to particular circumstances or triggers. It has helped millions of people live more fulfilled, happier lives, teaching them to think and communicate in different ways. It is more than a set of tools and techniques; it allows you the opportunity to get control of your mind, your behaviours and emotions.

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